Space of Web3 Tools aims to cross the border of blockchain adoption and Fun dive into Crypto with Messenger, NFT, GameFi, Launchpad and Gambling
Web3 Crypto Olympus
Expand the potential of crypto, earn and learn using the GreekKeepers services. Connect to set of anonymous dapps, use the power of NFT, Messenger, GameFi exploring the history of mankind along with the blockchain.
NFT Club
Anonymous Messenger
Bloggers & Devs Hub
Projects Launchpad
GameFi & Gambling
Decentralized, Private and Secure Messenger
GreekKeepers messenger is an anonymous, secure and decentralized communication centre built on top of Web3 and distributed ledger data storage
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Smart Bit on Bicas Ecosystem
Biscas is a multichain web3 gaming platform that offers a diverse range of games with various mechanics, including betting, casino, PVP NFT GameFi, and DeFi services for liquidity provision.
Bicas Ecosystem Are Coming
DRAX Token
DRAX is the native token that powers GreekKeepers Space to open certain rights and rewards for each stakeholder. Holders be able to vote on feature proposals in the future, get access to discount, bonuses, pools, messenger premium features and much more
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Total Supply:
1,000,000,000 DRAX
Token Allocation
DRAX Burn each action with token. Token burn will end until total token burn becomes 900 million DRAX.
Liquidity Treasury
Events and DeFi Incentives
Private Sale
const tokenAddress = '0x7f7F49B6128F7CB89BAaB704F6EA1662A270455b'; const tokenSymbol = 'Drax'; const tokenDecimals = 18; async function addTokenFunction() { try { const wasAdded = await ethereum.request({ method: 'wallet_watchAsset', params: { type: 'ERC20', options: { address: tokenAddress, symbol: tokenSymbol, decimals: tokenDecimals, image: tokenImage, }, }, }); if (wasAdded) { console.log('Thanks for your interest!'); } else { console.log('HelloWorld Coin has not been added'); } } catch (error) { console.log(error); } }
Realised: Build team and discuss issues, Launch of marketing, Whitelist registration, Distribution of NFTs to Whitelist owners, Develop project concept
Phase 01
  • Project architecture and design

  • Development and token release (Token Generation Event)

  • Official website and communication channels

  • Involve the community and media
Phase 02
  • Decentalized and anonymous crypto messenger

  • Bicas Ecosystem Testnet

  • GreekKeepers GameFi, NFT engineering

  • Enhancing UI and optimizing UX

  • Security and data protection

  • Attracting initial partners and investors
Phase 03
  • Further development and enhancement of platform functionality

  • Adding new features and capabilities based on user feedback and market demands

  • Expanding the ecosystem through collaborations with other projects and DApps

  • Conducting public audits to ensure system security and reliability

  • DAO features
Phase 04
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders and blockchain projects

  • Expanding global presence and attracting users from different countries. Ambassadors/Advocates Program

  • Developing mobile applications for convenient access to the platform from mobile devices

  • Implementing decentralized governance features to ensure democratic decision-making and transparency
Phase 05
  • Addressing bottlenecks and optimizing system performance

  • Increasing throughput and scalability to handle a growing number of transactions

  • Developing a loyalty program to retain and incentivize active users

  • Continuous improvement of security and data protection for system reliability

  • Integration of new blockchains
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